The overall project objective is to promote sustainable development and increased competitiveness through valorisation of tourism potential across the border.
The Specific Objective is to strengthen local capacity to attract investments in tourism in Vidin, Bor and Zajecar cross border area. During project preparation the Joint Project Team agreed with local and regional stakeholders to assist 10 tourism investment projects as a part of two tourism products: rural tourism and health/spa tourism.  

Expected Project results:
The project created links between local administrations, including stakeholders in tourism sectors in the project area.

The project produced:
• Detailed Analyse of each of 10 investment projects;
• Recommendations for further development for each of 10 investment projects;
• Study on available financial resources for supporting 10 investment projects;
• Investment models for implementation of the investments
• 10 Marketing plans for the selected tourism investment projects.
• The project organised a common market promotion initiative for tourism investment projects;  
• The project organised 5 cross border events: 3 Workshops, investment forum and Investment presentation;
• Project produced a number of promotional material