Knjaževac is located in Eastern Serbia, near the Bulgarian border. The municipality is known for entrepreneurship, industry and  fruit growing. In the municipality of Knjazevac the project "Mt. Stara planina ski resort" has been initiated as the largest greenfield project in Serbian tourism and as a first priority of the Serbian Government.

The location which is foreseen for the construction of the sports and recreational    complex “Banjica” is located 5 km away from the town of Knjazevac. On this location there is a thermal spring with water at temperature of 28°C. The surrounding area consists of two functional parts, area  around the spring, and area foreseen for construction of a sports and recreational centre. The location is one kilometre away from the spring, near the existing complex of swimming pools. Investment in construction of accommodation capacities and accompany-ing tourist contents has been forseen.

The land for the Phase I is 100% owned by the Municipality of Knjazevac.

The Main Design of sports - recreation center "Banjica" – the Phase I

Construction plan

Phase I
Hotel with indoor pool;
Reconstruction of the existing pool and a ticket office;
Reconstruction of existing and construction of new sports facilities;
Construction of a children's pool and water attractions;

Phase II
Apartment complex;
Hotel - optionally.

The total area - 152.5 ha

Construction of the Phase I

Sports - recreation complex Banjica
(hotel, indoor pool, restaurant with a kitchen)
€ 2,500,000

Sports - recreation complex Banjica
(reconstruction of the existing Olympic pool with a ticket office and pool attractions)
€ 525 000

Sports - recreation complex Banjica
(reconstruction of existing and construction of new sports facilities / basketball courts)
€ 480 000Value

Why investing?   
1Vicinity of the most perspective tourist area in Serbia – the Stara Planina Mountain     
2Knjazevac is considered as  the top priority municipality for tourism development in Serbia     
3Increasing demand for wellness and spa services
4Geothermal spring

VAT - Value Added Territory

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