Chuprene Municipality is situated in the north-western part of the country, on the northern and north-eastern slopes of Stara Planina.Mountain, just next to the state boundary with the Republic of Serbia. The municipal center – the village of Chuprene, is 175 km far from the capital city Sofia and 75 km from Vidin. The nearest bus station is in Belogradchik, 25km away. In the nature reserve “Chuprene” covering an  area of 1439,2 ha, the most northern coniferous forests of spruce and pine-trees in Bulgaria are protected. These areas represent preserved ecosystems featuring broad variety of flora and fauna pieces with their habitats. The Nature reserve “Chuprene” is recorded in the UNESCO Red Book. Despite the specific statute and not sufficiently broad popularity, this area is of interest to many researchers and lovers of nature.

Initial plan is to construct the bottom ski lift station at Dairy place, from where ski - lift with seats will reach up the ridge of the “Kozia garbina” hill, where the upper lift station is to be constructed. From that entry point, 2 or 3 ski slopes with 700-800 m length
will start. Lifts along the slopes are to be constructed, too. The length of the ski lift will be about 2.5 km. According to the initial
idea an administrative building and storage for equipment at the bottom station are to be constructed. Administrative building and ski-lift stations will be cca 1000m2.

Municipality of Chuprene ownership 80%
State Ownership 20%

Existing Spatial plan of the Municipality

Planned investments:

Asphalt road

Gravel road up to the lower lift station

Lower lift station

A lift -2, 5 km length

An administrative building

A special equipment storage

Two ski slopes 700 – 2000 meters long

“Still untouched, ready for investments”


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