Negotin is located in Eastern Serbia, in the Tri-Border Area of Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania, so - called ,,Negotinska krajina’’. The municipality is known for its good wine, and as a hometown of Stevan Mokranjac, a famous Serbian composer.
In the vicinity of Negotin, in the wine growing region , there is the unique complex of wine cellars called ,,Pimnice’’. The first cellar was built in the late 18th century. Excellent local wine, rich cultural heritage and variety of music and ethno manifestations attract many visitors to these beautiful wine villages .

In the last 3 years nearly 30 000 overnight stays (cca10.000/year) and about 100 000 visitors (cca35.000/year) in the municipality area were recorded.


HEPP Djerdap 2, public property / Privately owned land
The municipality of Negotin public property / PE Serbian Waters public property

Regulation on the lease of public land
Law on public-private partnership

Construction plan

Apartment complex area:

21 residences by 72 m2 – the total of 1512 m2
Reception area - the total of 1850m2
Park area & catering and commercial facilities 3,5 ha, with 1,95 ha under the facilities
Pier area 2,3 ha
Ethno village area 1,2 ha
Sports and recreational centre area 4 ha
Marina and water sports area 1,87 ha
Parking space for 250 vehicles and 4 buses
Beach 9,3 ha, catering facilities 1500m2

Total area - 50 ha

Investment capital amount required: € 15,000,000,00

Why investing?   
1On the Danube River Bank     
2Direct access to three European corridors - Corridor 7, Euro 6 and Euro Velo 13     
3Vicinity of the National Park and the complex of wine cellars
4Experience of tourism workers of Negotin Municipality

„Hidden treasure of Danube“


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