Municipality of Novo Selo is located in Vidin district, 25 km from Vidin and 15 km from the border with the Republic of Serbia, bordering Republic of Romania along the Danube River.
In Vidin district many tourists (nearly 80,000.00 visitors) are attracted by the Belogradchik area offer as "Magurata" Cave, Kaleto Fortress and the Belogradchik rocks.
Baba Vida Castle was visited by 32904 tourists, out witch 8042 were foreign tourists, in 2012. 171 ship bearing 20520 passengers stopped in Vidin in the year of 2012.

"Tourist complex for wine tourism" is designed as a wine tourism offer with accommodation facilities, together with wine industry complex.


Private ownership 100%

Municipal Development Plan will be developed by the end of the year 2013.

It is envisaged to be built up:

8 one-storey houses, each of 78 m²
consisting of two rooms, a living room and a
two-storey administrative building – 600 m²
restaurant for 60 Nos. seats – 100 m²
summer bar – 100 m²
swimming pool – 100 m²

Investment capital amount required: € 500,000,00

Offer to investors

Participation form of prospectiveinvestor: loans and grants
Joint venture for overall investment

"Danube and Wine – the joy of freedom"

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